Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday Prayer...

Almighty God, we contemplate the mighty acts through which your Son won our salvation. Therefore, before your grace we pray for the Church, the world, and persons who are in need.
 Creator of all, gathering in peace and quietness today, we are aware of our many sisters and brothers in Christ who bear his cross forward in the world and suffer persecution. Sustain these by your mighty Spirit and let the blood of the martyrs truly be the seed of your Church.
 Gracious Father, let the cross of our Lord Jesus be our source of hope and power. May we never be ashamed of the foolishness of Christ crucified. May we who are sinful, and yet forgiven be empowered to boldly proclaim the cross as your wisdom and righteousness. Bring others to experience its life-giving power.
 Spirit of God, teach the nations of the world the way of peace, justice, and humble service. Overcome prejudice and hatred in all places. Let Jesus lifted high up on the cross draw all nations to you.
 Holy Spirit which guides us, we pray for your church working through its pastors, teachers, leaders, and for all the faithful who gather around the crucified and risen Lord. Teach us through the revelation found in the Holy Scriptures. Cure us with the healing waters of baptism and feed us with the Bread of Life,
 Healing Lord, we pray for the needs of those who are ill. We ask your assistance upon those suffering marital separation, divorce and poverty of any kind. We lift up those afflicted with alcohol or drug addictions for empowerment and cure. Finally, given your never-failing love given through your Son, we lift up the needs of those persons known to you by faith. This day, we pray especially for Bark Dougherty, Marilyn Elliott, Chenee’ Starks, Gideon Line and Hunter Ray. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.
 Eternal God, just as our Lord Jesus considered us and showed us the gateway of eternal life, remember all those for whom death draws near. We ask that all who approach that daunting time, be given the Spirit of Hope provided. We especially pray today for the families of those who were killed in the aircraft disaster in the nation of France. Allow your soothing peace to rest upon them.
 Finally blessed Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God before us, unite us at your table with all those who rest in your presence now, and raise us up with them to share in your eternal Easter festival.
 Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer. Into your hands, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in your mercy, for the sake of your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Palm Sunday Scripture...

ON PALM SUNDAY we enjoy two scripture readings. The first occurs during the "Blessing of the Palms", followed by the Holy Gospel reading for the day that occurs in the midst of the service. Pastor Tom takes us through what transpired in the entry scene for Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem....

Please know that any and all are invited to share the pageantry of this special festival with us at 9AM on Sunday morning.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

PRAYERS OF THE CHURCH for the Fifth Sunday in Lent...

WE HUMBLY draw near to your throne of grace to pray for the Church, the world, and all people according to their need.
 Almighty God, you are surely merciful through your Son. We ask that you put a right heart within your Church so that we may always cling in perfect faith to you and do your will. Cleanse us from wrongful teaching and shameful deeds. By the power of your Holy Spirit make us shine with the love of your Son’s forgiveness, compassion and mercy.
 Heavenly Spirit given to us, allow a faithful heart in your people as they are persecuted. Give them the joy of knowing that they indeed drink with Jesus from his suffering cup. We pray especially on behalf of our heavy-laden sister congregations and your missionaries throughout the world. Put a new and joyful heart within this congregation as we support their cause. By your power unite us in the death and rising of Jesus Christ our Lord, and cause us everyone to witness to the glory of his holy name.
 Empowering Lord, empower with patient hearts all who care for family members with special needs. Give them compassion, strength, and the joy of knowing that what they do for their loved one, they do for you.
 Creator of all, we ask for wise minds and loving hearts within rulers of the nations. . , so that they may always do justice and mercy, walking humbly before you. Give to all in power a desire to help their neighbors, especially those who are struggling in difficult times. Teach us to live together in peace.
 Almighty Deliverer, put a new and steadfast heart into military personnel who serve our country. Give them courage, wisdom, and competence in all that they do. Strengthen and shield their loved ones. Allow them to wait in hope and safety until their beloved’s work is done.
 Blessed Lord, put a new and trusting heart into all who cry to you for help. Give them the joy of your saving presence and grant to all who care for them the comfort and guidance of your Holy Spirit. Today we especially pray for Cricky Benjamin who suffers from back injury. We also ask healing grace upon young Gideon Line as his body defends against leukemia.
 Glorious Father, by the strength of your Spirit your Son was buried in the ground like a grain of wheat, and through you rose again to triumphant eternal life. He promised that his life would bear much fruit for all who would trust in him. Thus we commend into your care all of your people who depart this life. Today, we especially lift up the family of Edward Marsh who this morning crossed the threshold of death in his 97th year. May comfort be found with them, in the knowledge that through faith and baptism their departed elder rests eternally with you. Blessed Lord, empower us with faith-filled hearts, so that each of us rests in the sure hope that all who have been buried with you shall likewise be raised.
 Into your hands merciful Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we commend all for whom we pray. . , trusting in your mercy for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.        Amen.